3 Most Common Bra Mistakes...

Our styling experts say these are the top 3 most common bra mistakes, and give tips on how to avoid them. 

Wearing a bra band that is way too big. This causes the bra to shift up on the body. As a result, straps fall off of women’s shoulders and the band rides up the back grabbing the soft tissue and causing the dreaded ‘back fat’. A bra is like a see-saw. You want the band to be level or lower front to back. When the bra is firm and level, the bust is lifted. 


Wearing a cup size that is too small.  At Rigby & Peller, we see a lot of breast ‘spillage’. Once we have the correct band size determined, it is usually necessary to go up in cup depth so that the girls are properly supported. So if you were wearing a 36 B, we might start with a 34 C. 


Sticking with the same bra size year after year.  A woman’s bra size can change up to 6 times in her life due to pregnancy, nursing, weight gain/loss, hormones, etc... Not to mention that bra sizing is confusing! Did you know, 67% of women resort to wearing the same bra day in and day out. Give your old faithful bra break, fittings are free, don’t be afraid to ask for help! At Rigby & Peller, we recommend coming in every six months for a style & fit appointment. We even do free alterations on our bras to help the good ones last longer.