Tea Time

Tea time is perhaps the most quintessential of British traditions. Rigby & Peller, was established on British grounds over 75 years ago in London, by two female corsetieres and still remains one of the most talked about British brands. 

Upon entering any of our 10 U.S. boutiques, you will be offered a cup of tea. Aside from the obvious nod to our roots, we want every client to enjoy their style & fit experience and shop like a queen! 

A little tea history from The UK Tea Association

Milk in first or tea in first? -- For much of the twentieth century, methods of preparing tea were still the subject of some snobbery: in a letter to Nancy Mitford (a social commentator and great satirist of upper class behaviour), the author Evelyn Waugh mentions a mutual friend who uses the expression 'rather milk in first' to express condemnation of those lower down the social scale. Nowadays the 'milk in first or tea in first' debate is altogether more light-hearted, but nonetheless everyone has his or her preferred method of making tea. Tea has for centuries been a beverage at the very heart of social life in Britain - for millions of people today, just for Dr Johnson nearly 250 years ago, tea amuses the evenings, solaces the midnights and welcomes the mornings.