Why you should book a lingerie style & fit appointment

A bra is the most personal garment a woman wears, but it is also the most technical product that a woman buys. It's no surprise that 85%  of women struggle to find the right style, size and shape. At Rigby & Peller we have learned that finding the right fit adds measurably to your comfort and appearance. When a bra fits well, it will lift and support.

So how do women find a bra that fits correctly?

Begin with a professional lingerie style & fit session.

What exactly is a style & fit session? -- It's a highly informative and personalized consultation that is offered at our boutiques as a complimentary service.Your stylist will assess your current bra, breast size, firmness and will recommend the right size for you.

When a bra fits firmly around the body, it will provide maximum support. Contrary to what we assume, a loose fitting bra may seem like a comfortable solution, but its instability creates underwire pain, straps that fall down or dig into shoulders and a band that inches up in the back. More importantly, it's providing adequate support.
The bra band around the torso provides 90% of the support and the straps give that 10% lift. In general, a 1 inch lift in the breasts can make a woman look taller and slimmer. 
The bra cups need to fit snugly around each breast without under-fill (wrinkles) or over-flow (pillowing). The cups should encapsulate each breast with each underwire gently resting against the chest wall. This will ensure that the bra will fit properly and can lift and center the bust line.



If you are ready to walk out of a Rigby & Peller boutique as a new women, book your style & fit appointment today.